EOS Fireside Chat – June 15

EOS Fireside Chat – June 15

LONDON (Bywire News) – This week’s Fireside Chat took place on the back of a historic moment with the announcement of the first Mandel 3.0 release candidate. With the rebranding of EOSIO also coming up, the network is starting to demonstrate its independence to the wider crypto verse. Elsewhere there was discussion about the upcoming conference season and Eden’s recent declaration of independence.  

Mandel 3.0 RC1 release candidate 

There was a bit of history this week with the first release candidate for Mandel 3.0. This is the latest update to the EOSIO software and the first which had been led by the community rather than B1. The codebase is still EOSIO but that is in the process of being rebranded. 

The new release will include a number of protocol changes and other features designed to improve the experience of working with EOS including accelerating cryptographic functions, and API endpoints related to the transactional lifecycle.  

This came about during the API+ blue paper. A lot stemmed from problems they were finding with the disappearance of transactions. There was a feeling they needed solutions in place when odd events occurred and to develop more tools to stop them.


EOS has always been great at talking to itself, but Branden Lovejoy’s recent trip to Consensus in Austin was a chance to take the message of EOS out to the wider world. He describes meeting a number of people including the team at OCI who are becoming increasingly involved with EOS. 

Overall, he describes himself as being pleasantly surprised by the sentiment. There is a tendency within EOS to assume that all the sentiment around the space is negative. That, he says, was not the case. For the most part, people were relatively neutral and willing to be persuaded. Although there are still many who hold to their negative preconceptions there is a growing number of people who are getting excited by all the development work which has been done. 

Token 2048 

Consensus might not have had an official EOS presence, but this is likely to change for other events. The Trust EVM will be sponsoring the demo stage where the technical demonstrations will be held. The EVM is a popular stack to be building on. They decided that the Trust EVM team will be part of the EOS village at the event and will have their own booth. There will also be representation from Pomelo and one of the chief delegates who wins the next Eden election. Chintai will also be there which means there will be a very strong presence. 

The timing will be great. It will be the week after the Mandel Consensus upgrade and around the time of the Trust EVM launch. 

This will not be the only place they intend to have a big presence at. One of the reasons why they didn’t go heavy on Consensus was that the timing wasn’t quite right. However, they have been planning activities at conferences all over the world including: 

  • Upbit Developer Conference the week before in Seoul 
  • Blockchain futurist in Toronto in August.
  • Token 2049 event in London

They are also in discussions with a team which will potentially be running the conference circuit through Europe which means they will make sure there is an EOS presence in all conferences large and small. 

Second Eden Fractally meeting 

The second Eden Fractally meeting took place, bringing the fractal process to Eden. People break up into groups in which they reach a consensus within themselves to rank people according to the scale of the contribution they have made to EOS. It’s a chance for people to earn rewards for work that would otherwise be voluntary. The fact that Eden is being used to distribute rewards suggests it is becoming used as a real currency. It’s a great chance to see what contributions the community truly values. 

Eden declaration of independence 

EOS loves a good drama and it’s had a little one to enjoy concerning EDEN. It all started with Eden’s declaration of independence which included: 

  1. A request to have the account’s permissions for genesis.eden account and contracts to be updated which needs to be done to change the election date. 
  2. A request for anyone who has intellectual property related to Eden to hand it over. They have said they were willing to pay for it. 

This sparked a strong response from Dan Larimer in a blog and an apparent call for the block producers to get involved. The resolution appears to be that Larimer has called on the ENF to sign a MSIG including a 72-hour time lapse to accept the transfer of keys onto the chief delegates, so the Fractally team is not liable. This will be a crucial development as without the permissions the chief delegates will be unable to put into action the changes made by the previous set and ratified by the new group. 

Eden China test election 

Eden China held their second election. 32 people signed up to vote, resulting in the election of four chief delegates. Among the projects being supported is a decentralised e-commerce project run by one of the chief delegates. 

Yves quote Tweeted BY Charles Hoskinson 

In a discussion about Wallets on Cardano, Yves La Rose Tweeted about the work done on the Wallet + working group. Charles quote Tweeted giving EOS a taste of the massive engagement Cardano tends to experience. The result was more followers for Yves and a small boost in the profile of EOS.  

ENF China held an event

There is a team of 14 people in the ENF in China and they are holding events in which they bring in guests from outside the EOS ecosystem. This will be a continuous event and something similar might happen elsewhere. It’s similar to what Helios is doing with their futurist events to try and draw people into EOS. 

Korean and Chinese Edens

Both China’s and Korea’s Eden communities have demonstrated tremendous commitment and engagement. However, one thing has been holding them back from having a Treasury transfer. The request which was made to both of them was that they will be given a treasury, but it has to be smart contract driven software not just the Eden process. Only the Fractally team has been familiar enough with the technology to deploy that. The Eden China team has been working on this. Once it becomes easier for new Edens to emerge using the Eden smart contracts, they can expect to see many more Edens. 

Bear markets 

With the crypto market stuck in the grips of a bear market, there is a whole lot of fear and uncertainty within the sector. However, Trimbot who has led the rallying calls for EOS on social media believes the bear market can be good for EOS. Indeed, the longer it goes on, he suggests, the better it could be for EOS. 

He has a point. While there is panic about everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum, EOS is in a different position. It is making a huge amount of progress at a time when the crypto community is looking nervous. With token prices dropping, attention is turning to a natural strength for EOS which is development. 

It’s a perfect opportunity to change the narrative surrounding EOS and to highlight some of its major advantages including the quality of the technology, the speed and cost of the transactions as well as its status as a carbon neutral blockchain. 

At a time when Ethereum is struggling to get to grips with distributing proof of stake, improve its sustainability and plug all the problems with its blockchain, EOS is in a perfect position to point out that it is already one step ahead of the process. 

Although the bear market applies to EOS, developers in this space are at least more accustomed to tough times. Adversity builds resilience and if that’s the case there are few more resilient communities out there than EOS.

(Writing by Tom Cropper, editing by Klaudia Fior)