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Example 1


Working as Principal Architect  I have around 22 years job experience in  Software Requirement Analysis, Architecturing, Designing, Development & Deployment, with taking care of QCD (very good Quality, Low Cost and Delivery in Time).

Architecturing, design, development & deployment of IOT products for attendance management in schools, Access control, GPS tracking, Production/ Assembly line data collection (using sensors) and  analysis (Industry 4.0)

Architecturing, design, development & deployment of Blockchain (dApp/ NFT games / Smart contract/ Token contract) using EOSIO/EOS/WAX/TELOS network, Atomic Hub and AreaX NFT marketplace.

AREAS: Mobile Games / Apps ( for Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire ), IOT (Apps, Server ), Web Apps ( PWA ), Cross platform / devices /Apps, Backend Servers using TCP / HTTP / Web Sockets, Blockchain, Storage ( NAS, SAN )

Platforms & Tools: Android, iOS, Cross platform app development tools / lib, COCOS2DX(C++), XCODE, Android Studio, Eclipse, MongoDB, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, IONIC (Angular JS), REACT, NodeJS, Full stack development ( UI, REST API, Server, DB ), MEAN stack, PWA (Progressive Web App ) Development, Containerised App Development ( DOCKER, DOCKER HUB & ECR ), Process Manager ( PM2 ), MVC Architecture, Micro Service Architecture, Blockchain ( dApp / NFT Game Development using EOSIO/WAX, Smart Contract, NFT, ATOMIC HUB, IPFS )

Servers:  CLOUD Server ( AWS ), Clustered server using ECS ( FARGATE ), On Demand Auto Scalling, Load balancing ( ALB ), AWS S3 Bucket, NGINX server, MYSQL, Document DB ( MongoDB ), MongoDB ATLAS, Cache server ( REDIS ), Message Queuing ( RabbitMQ ), Distribted streaming platform ( Kafka ), MultiPlayer Network Game servers, Leaderboard & Chat servers, Inhouse cross promotion creative media & referral program server.

Languages: C, C++, VC++, C#, Java, Objective C, Java Script

Modeling/ Design tools: OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis & Design) using  UML (Unified Modeling Language) and Rational Rose. Design Patterns.

Configuration Tools: Clearcase, Perforce, SVN, VSS, Bitbucket, Github.